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Choose OORAH Inspections for reliable Home Inspections in central Oklahoma.
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  • Oklahoma State & InterNACHI Certified
  • Has you, the client, in mind at all time.
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  • Same day inspections reports.
  • An unbiased and professional opinion and report on the property.
  • The peace-of-mind that you are purchasing a structurally sound and safe home for your family.
  • Information on any features or appliances that may require repair or attention in the coming months.

Buying a vehicle without going for a test drive first would be unheard of. Why take a chance when purchasing your home in the Central Oklahoma area? Ensure the sustainability and quality of your new prospective home with a buyer’s home inspection from the professional home inspector at OORAH Inspections. We will perform an evaluation of all visible and accessible systems of the house and provide a detailed report on our findings and list areas of concern as well as advise you of the overall condition and offer recommendations regarding maintenance and improvements.

The inspection report is easy to read and includes photographs to help clarify any areas of interest.Copies of the electronic inspection report with photos and summary page can be printed on-site. Reports can also be emailed to clients that are not able to attend the inspection. We take all major credit cards and are fully insured. Inspections can be requested on our web site or by calling us directly.

Purchase your home with confidence that you’re making a sound investment with our home inspection from OORAH Inspections. Call Shane at 405-501-1733 to schedule your consultation today.

Inspections Include But Not Limited To:

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  • Site

    Where applicable, inspection of site grading, drainage, vegitation, retaining walls, walkways, patios, decks, porches, lawn sprinklers, fencing, gates and driveway.

  • Structure

    An inspection of the exterior walls, foundation, parapets, trim, slabs and, if applicable, basement or crawl space.

  • Attic/Roof

    Inspection of wiring in attic, access provisions, ventilation, flashing, overhangs, truss construction, gutters, downspouts, roof surface, skylights, insulation, trim, drainage, chimney and other roof penetrations.

  • Garage

    Inspection of the garage doors, automatic openers, safety sensors and fire separation.

  • Plumbing

    An inspection of the interior plumbing fixtures and faucets, accessible main piping, distribution piping, laundry connections, waste & vent piping, water heater system, fuel system and presence of moisture for mold to grow.

  • Heating/Cooling

    An inspection of the heating, A/C equipment, type, sizing, installation and condition as well as inspection of the distribution duct installation & condition, filter and thermostat.

  • Electrical

    Inspection of the service entrance, meter box, system capacity, main disconnect, panels, service amperage, circuitry, grounding, wiring, bonding, outlets, GFCI, AFCI and switches.

  • Interior

    Inspections of all egress doors, windows, flooring, walls, ceiling, fireplace, closets and stairs.

  • Kitchen

    We will be looking at cabinets & counters, sink, faucet, and built in appliances.

  • Bathrooms

    A check of cabinets & counters, sinks, faucets, tubs, showers, toilets, ventilation, exhaust fan/heater condition, installation and function as well as fixtures, plumbing, outlet/switch location and operation.

  • Exterior

    Exterior, walls, siding, soffit, fascia, etc. Porches, stoops, walkways, railings, decks, crawl spaces, doors and windows

  • Fireplace

    Masonry/metal firebox and chimney sizing and condition. Flue presence and operation. Chimney cap and screen condition. Gas log starter condition and operation. Chimney fire blocking. Chimney fresh air inlets. Fireplace damper door and hearth

  • +

    List of major systems and components that will be inspected for either types, spacing, locations, operation, installation and/or condition.

    • Foundations*
    • Monolithic Slabs-On-Grade
    • Post-Tension Slabs-On-Grade
    • Piered Slabs-On-Grade
    • Screeded Slabs-On-Grade
    • Crawl Spaces***
    • Walk-Out Basement
    • Full Basement
    • Lot Drainage
    • Swale Configuration
    • French Drains
    • Ravine, Creek, Lake Lot Configurations
    • Retaining Walls and Drains
    • Roof Covering**
    • Roof Flashings
    • Gutters and Downspouts
    • Roof Structure
    • Attics
    • Roof Framing
    • Roof Bracing
    • Roof Decking
    • Attic Insulation
    • Attic Ventilation
    • Attic Stair Units
    • Exterior Walls
    • Brick and Stone Veneer
    • Weep holes
    • Lintels
    • Siding
    • Exterior Paint
    • Exterior Sealant
    • Water Penetration
    • Interior Walls
    • Drywall
    • Paneling
    • Windowsill
    • Stairs and Railings
    • Tread/Riser Sizing/Ratio
    • Rail Height and Opening Requirements
    • Ceiling Condition
    • Floors
    • Tile Floor
    • Vinyl Floor
    • Wood Floor
    • Laminate Floor
    • Doors
    • Door Condition
    • Door Operation
    • Door Hardware Condition
    • Door Fire Rating
    • Door Emergency Egress Requirements
    • Door Weatherstripping
    • Garage Overhead Door Condition
    • Overhead Door Hardware Condition
    • Overhead Door Opener Condition
    • Opener Safety Device Requirements
    • Windows
    • Window Placement
    • Window Condition
    • Window Operation
    • Window Hardware Condition
    • Window Safety Glass Requirements
    • Window Thermal Pane Condition
    • Window Emergency Egress Requirements
    • Window Screen Condition
    • Decks
    • Deck Condition
    • Deck Handrails
    • Deck Steps
    • Driveways
    • Sidewalks
    • Patios
    • Balconies
    • Balcony Condition
    • Balcony Surface Drainage
    • Balcony Flashing
    • Plumbing Systems
    • Supply Plumbing
    • Plumbing Fixtures
    • Shower Stall
    • Shower Door
    • DWV Piping
    • Water Heaters
    • Hydro-Therapy Tub
    • Electrical Systems
    • Service Entrance
    • Main Distribution Panel
    • Circuit Breakers
    • Arc-Fault Circuit Protection Devices
    • Ground-Fault Circuit Protection Devices
    • Sub-Panels
    • Receptacles
    • Lighting Fixture
    • Fireplaces
    • Masonry Firebox and Chimney
    • Metal Firebox and Chimney
    • Flue Presence and Operation
    • Chimney Cap and Screen
    • Gas Log Starter
    • Chimney Fire Blocking
    • Chimney Fresh Air Inlets
    • Heating Equipment
    • Furnaces
    • Air Conditioners
    • Air Distribution Ducts
    • Built-In Appliances
    • Ovens
    • Ranges
    • Cook top
    • Dishwasher
    • Disposer
    • Exhaust Fan
    • Bathroom Heater
    • Compactor
    • Wine Cellar
    • Ice maker
    • Gas Line
    • Sprinkler Systems
    • Sprinkler Control Panel
    • Sprinkler Valves
    • Sprinkler Anti-Siphon Device
    • Outdoor Cooking Equipment (Built-In)
    • Detached Buildings (Optional)
    • Evaporative Coolers (Optional)

    *We do not inspect pier and beam foundations.

    **The Inspector is not required to and may not physically walk on some roof surfaces. Those than can not be physical walked on will be inspected from a ladder at the edge of the roof (if the inspector deems this safe using a 20-ft. ladder), and through the use of binoculars while standing on the ground. The Inspector is not required to determine or report the age or life expectancy of any roof coverings. Roofs that cannot be accessed directly by the inspector may have defects that are not visible from the ground or roof’s edge.

    Additionally, some roofs are just too steep to mount and dismount without OSHA-approved safety harnesses (PPE). That said, we have binoculars and cameras with zoom lenses that permit us to see most defects on a roof from across the street.

    ***Crawl spaces will be inspected depending on access and safety. The inspector will determine if the crawl space will be inspected upon arrival.